Tent. Agenda

Pre-Trip Blog Post 2: Tentative Schedule

NOTICE: Mission trips are fluid and this schedule is most tentative. Anything and everything can change in a moment. Please pray for the team to respond to such changes with a gracious and willing spirit

Saturday: Travel to Guatemala

After we settle in at SETECA (the seminary where we lodge), we’ll make a run to Walmart for supplies. Hopefully we’ll join Pastor Ruben’s college roommate, Caesar Casasola, for dinner at his parent’s home

Sunday: Worship in Guatemala City, Pastor Saul Pérez and Pastor Carlos Mucia

Our host church, Christo Est El Camino Iglesia Bautista (Christ Is the Way Baptist Church), will celebrate their anniversary on Sunday. Their pastor is Bro. Saul Pérez. Pastor Ruben will be preaching in the morning service and we will share music and a testimony. Sunday evening we will sing and share a testimony at Misión Resurrección, located in the city dump. The pastor of the mission is Bro. Carlos Mucia

Monday: Escuintla, Pastor Carlos Mucia

Escuintla is a community about an hour away from SETECA. While most of the areas we visit are seasonably pleasant this time of year, Escuintla is hot and humid. It is also near the area of the volcano (but still safe). Brother Carlos is beginning a new mission congregation there. The church is ministering to about 50 refugees in the area who have been evacuated from the volcano. We will minister to refugees, make home visits, conduct a VBS, and hold an evangelistic meeting in the evening

Tuesday: Xenacoj, Pastor Bartolomeo

Xenacoj is a community about 45 minutes from SETECA. The pastor is named Bro. Bartotomeo and his work is a new mission. We will host a medical clinic, VBS, and an evangelistic meeting

Wednesday: Misión Belen, Pastor Hugo

Belen is a mission in Guatamala City where we have ministered before. Bro. Hugo serves as pastor. We’ll make home visits, host a medical clinic, and VBS. In the evening we’ll serve a meal to homeless men at the Pilgrim’s Ministry

Thursday: day of rest in Antigua

Friday: return to USA