Monday: Day 3

This post is a group project. Several members of the team contributed.

We started off today with a devotional about not being spectators, but being participants. In Luke 9, Jesus equipped his disciples with the power to go out, heal, and spread the word. Our first journey we REALLY put aside the spectating, and headed DEEP into the jungle to the recently erupted volcano Fuego! DC

Deep into the jungle is indeed where we traveled. About an hour and a half from Seteca, where we are staying, we arrived at a secluded village that was surrounded by mountains, volcanos, and plant life that we in the US consider “exotic”. We met with about 60-70 villagers, men, women, and children, and Bro Steve presented the gospel message to the group. After praying with the group our team began passing out much needed supplies to the families. They received a bag that had a few basic food items (corn flakes, beans, rice, sugar, etc.) and a small basket containing a few soap items. The families were very grateful. Before leaving the village we had an opportunity to pray with the pastor of the village church and a pastor from a near by community. The trip to the village and back out of the village had some intense passage points, steep hillside, narrow roads, and GORGEOUS landscape. As is often the case in trips like these, our team was not quite prepared for what God was putting in our path next. He was faithful as He always is, though, and prepared our hearts and minds to serve His people in ways they needed. TA

After leaving the village area near the base of Fuego (the erupted volcano) and passing out food baskets to the families that were displaced when the volcano erupted, we headed back down the hillside. When we came to an intersection at our turn, we came to a roadblock where many people were standing around along with police and rescue personnel dressed with facemask, gloves, and helmets. We discovered they were bringing out recovered body parts from the rubble and placing them into small plastic containers. We gathered around with several family members of the missing and prayed with them. JW

At our VBS we enjoyed sharing with the sweetest kids I’ve ever experienced. I was amazed at their eagerness, openness and contagious smiles. I’d like to think their good spirit came from the patient work Pastor Carlos and his wife, Yolanda have invested in them, their families and their community. Each week Pastor Carlos not only preaches, but he and his wife feed the children out of their own pocket. And we prayed with an AIDS patient, sharing the gospel with him. SJ

As we were wrapping our work for the day, we were less than 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, so we decided to check it out! The beach was very unique, as it was cover in black sand! We thought our work was finished for the day, but it was not! A guy pulled up on his four-wheeler renting it out for 30 minute blocks. I told him we wouldn’t be there that much longer and offered to pay for a 15 minute block. He declined. We were standing around enjoying the view when he changed his mind and decided to rent it for 15 minutes. (God was at work!) Well pastor Saul and pastor Ruben saw that as 15 minutes to share the gospel and pray with this man. Hallelujah! God’s word says to always be ready!





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