Saturday, Day 1

WE MADE IT! Except for the extreme pat down of the pastor at TSA in Houston the trip was smooth. The officers mean it when they say take EVERYTHING out of your pockets before screening!

The weather in Guatemala is gorgeous (low 80’s) and the city is filled with flowers and green. Our host pastor, Brother Saul Perez, greeted us personally at the airport and encouraged us to be persistent in sharing the gospel, urging people to a complete understanding of becoming a Christian.

Then we traveled to Walmart for supplies such as bottled water for us and snacks for VBS. The store is a curious blend of the curious and familiar. You could find your way around easily, but might be surprised by the guard tower in the parking lot.

Pastor Ruben’s college roommate, Caesar Casasola, invited us to dinner with his aunt and uncle. What a feast of local food, prepared on an outdoor grille and served in the cool of the evening! Back at the seminary where we stay, Craig Jr. led a devotional about how the disciples were changed by the coming of the Holy Spirit. They became bold and fearless witnesses. He encouraged us to let the Spirit fill us for the work ahead.

Tomorrow promises to be a full and fruitful day. We will help with worship at our host church where Pastor Ruben will preach at their anniversary service. Then we will join the church for a celebration meal. In the afternoon we will deliver bunk beds and participate in worship at the mission in the city dump.

Thank you for your prayers and support. May God bless worship services in the kingdom churches in Caldwell and Guatemala this Lord’s day.


Steve Johnson


About stevejohnson460

Married to Lou Vonne Johnson for 38 years Two adult children Pastor at Caldwell for almost 40 years
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3 Responses to Saturday, Day 1

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  2. Quite beneficial, looking forwards to visiting again.


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