Guatemala 2018: Pre-trip

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First Baptist’s fourth trip to Guatemala City is just around the corner. Trip dates are Saturday, July 21 through Friday, July 27. Please pray for our participants:

  • Craig and Tracy Ayers, Jr.
  • Ruben and Karem Burguete
  • Erendida Contreras
  • Daniel and Leah Cross
  • Debbie Duke
  • Steve Johnson
  • Jason and Amanda Wilder

Mission trips to Guatemala are filled with the unexpected. Please pray that the team will be very flexible and see changes as opportunities, not frustrations. As our plans are now, our opportunities will be a mix of old and new. Once again, we’ll conduct worship services, Vacation Bible Schools, home visits, cooking at a homeless shelter, and do some light construction. But we’ll also be lead in evangelistic meetings, which is new. And we will visit two new communities in the area. One, called Escuintla, is a little closer to the volcano (but safely outside of danger). We’ll be ministering to refugees from the disaster site.

Prayer requests

  • Team members as they prepare to be away from family, home, and work
  • The filling of the Holy Spirit for each team member
  • The Spirit to go before us, preparing hearts
  • Discernment and wisdom for our team leader, Ruben Burguete
  • Physical, spiritual, and emotional energy that the team will need
  • Extreme flexibility for us all
  • Good health and safe travel
  • God to watch over family and home while we are gone

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Married to Lou Vonne Johnson for 38 years Two adult children Pastor at Caldwell for almost 40 years
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